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What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Did you know? Prenatal yoga can be beneficial to you in many ways during pregnancy.

Be sure to check with your doctor first before beginning to practice yoga during pregnancy. Once you have the go-ahead, you’ll be pleased to know that the following benefits are associated with the practice of yoga during pregnancy:

  1. Increased strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for labor and delivery.

  2. Improved sleep.

  3. Decreased lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath

  4. Reduced stress and anxiety.

Pregnancy Decision Health Centers are pleased to now offer FREE prenatal yoga classes as a part of our Family Empowerment Program. We’re excited about this new offering and the benefits it can offer you.

Start Slowly

As with any new physical activity, it’s best to ‘walk before you run’. Take it slow and easy with this practice. Start with one class and see how you feel afterwards. Once you feel that you tolerate the classes well, aim for taking them one to two times per week. Then you can gradually move up from there to as many as three to four practices per week.

What’s OFF limits?

There are some yoga poses and practices that definitely should be avoided during pregnancy. These include: inversions, backbends, twists, and forward bends.

What to expect

If you’ve never done yoga, keep several things in mind. Dress comfortably. You’ll want to avoid anything that is tight or constricting. Avoid zippers and buttons, and aim for breathable, stretchy fabric.

The great news about yoga is that it doesn’t require an investment of expensive gear or equipment. In fact you just really need ONE item! That’s a good quality yoga mat, and you’ll find they are fairly inexpensive.

Yoga is generally practiced barefoot, so no special shoes, gear or other equipment are necessary. Simply grab your mat, a bottle of water and dress comfortably.

Now you’re ready to go. You can expect the classes to be a friendly, calm and judgment-free place. Yoga is known for catering to each individual, encouraging you to come as you are, and only do what is comfortable for you. It is absolutely NOT competitive, so you will not feel the need to look around and compare yourself to others in the class. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced yogi, classes will meet you right where you are, and benefit you in many ways!

To sign up for FREE prenatal yoga classes visit

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