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Free Parenting Classes in March

March has arrived, and Spring is just around the corner. For new parents who have been cooped up inside with a newborn during cold Midwest winter months, this is welcome news! Soon the sunshine will warm temperatures enough to get out the stroller regularly and take your little one for some pleasant walks. Sunshine is good for you both!

Parenting can be challenging, and that’s why we’ve carefully curated a program to walk with you hand in hand, during these early days with your child. Raising children requires patience, understanding, and a lot of hard work, and it’s natural for parents to feel overwhelmed at times. Seeking help and guidance from parenting classes is an important step in becoming the best parent you can be. These classes offer valuable tools and strategies for managing difficult situations and fostering positive relationships with your children.

Part of our Family Empowerment Program is to offer free parenting classes this March, designed to help parents and babies thrive during the first weeks and months of life.  As you complete the classes, you’ll earn as well as free baby supplies like diapers, clothing, and a pack ‘ n-play. This is meant for new and expectant parents like yourself, and you can participate until your baby is 12 months old!

Here are the classes this March:

Car Seat SafetyThis class teaches parents how to properly install and use car seats to keep their babies safe while riding in a car.

Healthy RelationshipsThis class focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships between parents and their children, as well as between partners and families.

Safe Sleep Class This class teaches parents about safe sleeping practices for infants.

Newborn Care This class will cover the basics of caring for a newborn, including feeding, diapering, and bathing.

Stress Management and Self-careThis class will teach parents strategies for managing stress and focus on the importance of taking care of oneself as a parent.

In addition, we also have classes on Breastfeeding 101, Prenatal and In-hospital Testing Class, The Parent I want to Be, and Household Dangers.

Our classes aim to equip parents with practical tools and guidance throughout their child’s development. Led by expert instructors with extensive knowledge and experience, we strive to empower participants to navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood with confidence. We highly recommend signing up early to secure a spot, as availability is limited and demand is high.

Parenting is one of the most important jobs there is. Not only can parenting be challenging, but it also requires constant learning and re-invention. Are you ready to start learning and earning? Start today:

Education and Support for Expecting and New Parents: CALL OR TEXT: 614-644-4445


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