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Free Parenting Classes in February

Parenting is all about being there to provide guidance and love for your children. It’s about teaching your children how to become independent, responsible adults. Parenting for new and expectant parents can be a bit overwhelming. You’re entering a new phase of life and you will inevitably make mistakes. That’s okay! It’s perfectly normal to be unsure about the decisions you make or how to handle certain situations.

At PDHC, we believe that strong families make strong communities. Join us in our Family Empowerment Program this February and take part in free parenting classes! This program is designed to help you, as new and expectant parents, better understand your children’s development. Plus, as you complete the courses, you’ll earn free baby supplies like diapers, clothes, and a pack ‘n-play – up until your baby is one year old! Please note that space is limited, so be sure to register today!

This February, we will offer a range of valuable classes for parents.

Emotions, Pregnancy, and Beyond – What are emotions and why do we feel them? In this class, you will learn what are emotions, how to identify them, and healthy ways of processing them.

Breastfeeding 101 – Whether you have breastfed before or are just considering breastfeeding your little one, this laid-back class will help you feel more prepared with your feeding decision and equip you to be successful in reaching your goals.

Money Management – This lesson will discuss ways to improve finances with the addition of new additions.

Being a Supermom and Stress Management: Ever wish you could use the Lasso of Truth with your kids? Well, keep your magic bracelets on, girl, cuz this video will give you tips on how to stay organized, and on time, meet the needs of your family, and maintain your superhero status!

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – We will do a short review describing distorted or negative thinking. Then you may wonder, what can you do about them? We will discuss tips for challenging and replacing negative thoughts.

Finding Community Resources Class – Columbus is rich in resources, but sometimes it is difficult to find them. In this class, we will discuss finding helpful resources for you and your family in the community. In addition, we also have classes on Learning through Play, Fetal Development, Baby Language, what makes a Happy Baby, Child Development, Pregnancy Symptoms, Car Seat Safety, and Healthy Relationships.

Parenting is an incredibly impactful job, yet it can be challenging! Continuous learning is key. Are you eager to begin learning and becoming a successful parent? Start now at For expecting and new parents, education and support are available: give us a CALL or TEXT at 614-644-4445!


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