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Considering Parenting

If you think you might be pregnant, then you are certainly thinking about what it would be like to parent your child. If you want to parent but have concerns about money, baby supplies, insurance, or your parenting skills, we can help. Please contact us to schedule your no-cost consultation.

Newborn babies can use 8-10 diapers per day! If you need help keeping your baby in clean diapers, we’re here for you.


Attend a class to learn how to properly install, use car seats, and leave with a car seat of your own.

Car Seat

Complete a Safe Sleep parenting class and receive a pack-n-play for your new baby.


Need Help with the Essentials?

How We Help New Parents

It’s normal to have lots of different feelings about parenting. Parenting can be joyful, rewarding and life-changing — many parents say it’s the best decision they ever made. However, having a baby is also a lifelong commitment that takes lots of energy, resources and patience. There are good days and tough days. It’s important to have support. Everyone needs help sometimes.


We can help you with resources you may need during pregnancy and beyond, such as prenatal care, prenatal vitamins, health insurance, mentoring programs, parenting classes and connections in the community. PDHC directly provides some of these services and we work with many community partners that want to help.​

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