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Free Parenting Classes in October

At PDHC, we offer free parenting classes to equip parents with vital knowledge.

If you are an expecting or a new parent of an infant up to 7 months, our Family Empowerment Program is meant for you. You can stay in the program until your baby is 12 months of age.

While you’re learning, you will also be earning free baby supplies such as baby diapers, baby clothing, a pack ‘n play, and a car seat. This is the goal: to provide education and support to parents for free.

This October, we have a great selection of classes that include the vital information you need as a parent. Read on to check out our current offerings for new moms and dads, and moms-to-be!

This October we are offering:

Money Management: This lesson will discuss ways to improve finances with the addition of a new addition.

Prenatal Yoga: No prior experience is needed and a yoga mat will be provided.

Breastfeeding 101: This laid-back class will help you feel more prepared with your feeding decision and equip you to be successful in reaching your goals

In our classes, you will learn how to make better financial decisions that can help you save and invest more money. We’ll also discuss how to talk to your babies and understand the cries and sounds they make. Moreover, you’ll also be learning the importance of recognizing and expressing your feelings in a positive way.

Some more of our offerings this October include:Courses on Postpartum Depression, Healthy Eating, and a class called Your Body and Birth, where you’ll learn we will talk about how your body is uniquely designed to give birth, how all your reproductive parts work together along with hormones to allow birth to happen, what the signs of labor are, and all the stages and phases of labor.

Are you ready to start learning and earning? Start today:


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