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FETAL DEVELOPMENT – A Guide through the Nine Months of Pregnancy

Whether you are pregnant or planning to be, knowing the way your baby is growing is a fascinating thing! Nine months is a long time, but you’ll be amazed how much development happens within that time frame. Here’s a guide to fetal development throughout each trimester.

First Trimester

The first trimester is the first 3 months of pregnancy. This begins at conception (when the sperm meets the egg) and goes through week 12. Within the first few weeks a tiny little face will form and the heart will start beating! The heartbeat can be seen and heard during an early ultrasound. The rest of the organs start to form and the baby begins growing within, transitioning from an embryo to a fetus. By the end of month 3, the fingers and toes are fully formed; now all the baby has to do now is grow!

Second Trimester

Bring on the movement in trimester number two. The baby will now begin kicking, moving, and growing hair. You’ll be able to tell if it’s a boy or a girl now via ultrasound around 20 weeks. Around the same time the baby starts to hear their first sounds, learning to recognize the sound of your voice! The eyes begin to open and the baby becomes more active, reaching a weight of about 2-4 pounds. Third Trimester

The countdown to birth begins! Of course, you can’t rush it. The baby will come when they are ready, and sometimes it can take even longer than nine months. But during this last trimester, the final developments take place. The baby begins to blink and see, and can distinguish bright lights on the outside. Baby’s sense of smell is getting stronger, and they can smell spices mom ate! The lungs strengthen and get ready to breath, and the last bit of weight is gained before they get ready to meet the world! Fourth Trimester – Wait, what??

Baby’s birthday is here! For the first three months of baby’s life, lots of development still takes place. The brain is learning lots of new things in the outside world. Baby’s sight continues to develop, but don’t worry, baby can see you! The little brain is absorbing so much – just like a sponge. So much learning takes place as baby continues to develop routines such as sleep, eating and play-time. Bonding with your baby is so much fun during this time!


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