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Why do I need an ultrasound?

Pregnant and not sure what you’re going to do?

Wondering how far along you are?

Considering all your options but need more information?

We’ve got you covered with an ultrasound. Schedule your free appointment today!

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3 Reasons to Get an Ultrasound:

To tell how far along you are.

To confirm the pregnancy is viable.

To reveal the location of your pregnancy.

Why ultrasound if you’re considering all options?

An ultrasound is a vital first step before making any decision.

  • First, it will reveal how far along you are, which determines what you're eligible for.

  • Second, it reveals the location of your pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy requires immediate medical treatment.

  • Third, it will confirm whether or not you have a viable (growing) pregnancy or if you have had a miscarriage.


Get the answers you need about your pregnancy today.

About Our Free Ultrasounds

Each ultrasound is administered by a PDHC nurse. This is a vital step in ensuring your health and safety as you make a choice for your pregnancy. Learn more about why you need an ultrasound before making your pregnancy decision.

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