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What to add and what to skip on your baby registry

It’s time to create your baby registry! This is an exciting time in your life, and ‘shopping’ for all the things you want and need can be exhilarating at first. But with so many choices, it can also become overwhelming very quickly. Not to fear! We’ve created this handy guide to help you know the difference between those items that you’ll find essential, and the ones that will likely just end up gathering dust. While this list is not exhaustive, it covers the main areas you’ll be thinking about when preparing for baby’s arrival.

  1. Clothing – Onesies are absolutely essential! Be sure to register for plenty of these in a few sizes. Other items for baby’s essential layette: socks, sleepers, pull-on shirts and pants, cozy sweater/sweatshirts, nothing itchy or coarse, everything soft. Snaps are convenient, buttons can be frustrating at this time. Be sure to buy baby-friendly detergent to wash everything in first, keeping in mind baby’s sensitive skin. Caps for baby’s head and warm outwear if the weather is cold.

  2. Diapering: Diapers are a big part of life in these early months. Experienced moms know that the following items are absolute must-haves for making life easier: Diaper pail for the nursery, diaper bag for on-the-go trips, and diaper rash cream for any sensitive skin issues. Of course, you’ll need plenty of diapers and wipes as well. Miniature disposable diaper sized trash bags are also very helpful for when you’re on the go and have to make a change, they are specially designed to mask unpleasant odors until you can reach a trash receptacle. A portable changing pad is another essential to add to your registry. You will need this for changes on the go, always keep one in your diaper bag.

  3. Feeding. Whether you’re nursing, using formula, or a little of both – you’ll be feeding baby every few hours! Here’s what you’ll want to include on the registry for sure: bibs, bottles, nursing pads, burping cloths, boppy pillow, formula (if applicable). Spoons, sippy cups and bowls will ensure you’ll be prepared for transitioning to baby food when the time comes. A rocking chair is an amazing item to utilize for bonding time with your baby during nursing and bottle feedings, and just snuggling and soothing them when they need to be comforted.

  4. Traveling. On foot or in the car, be prepared with an infant car seat and stroller. Stroller systems can be designed for the infant car seat to be removed from the car and attached to the stroller. These will be the more expensive items on your registry, and quality is important for baby’s safety.

  5. Sleeping/Bathing. Much of baby’s time is spent sleeping in these early months. You’ll want to be sure to provide a comfortable setting. Essentials include a baby monitor, blanket and crib sheets. For that something extra, many babies enjoy soothing sound machines, aromatherapy and nightlights with special displays on the ceiling. An infant bath, baby wash and hooded towel, along with washcloths, will ensure you’re all set for bathtime.

What to skip:

  1. Keep it simple: Although they may be tempting, overly frilly or complicated clothes can be more trouble than they are worth in the early months. Baby’s skin is sensitive, and you’ve got your hands full so dealing with extra buttons, ribbons and bows, is something you may want to avoid. Itchy or fussy fabrics are also something you can probably do without to help avoid meltdowns.

  2. Extra gadgets: there’s some items out there that may sound like a good idea, but in reality, they serve to just be one more thing to take up space. Baby bottle sterilizers, baby food processors and the like can easily be skipped.

  3. Shoes and booties: yes, they can be just as cute as a button, but baby isn’t walking and shoes or booties can just add to the clutter. They aren’t needed at this point so you can easily skip these items.

  4. A changing table: many moms choose to skip this one. If you have a changing pad, diaper changes can be made anywhere and you can convert another piece of furniture to do the job as well. If budget is an issue, skip the changing table and splurge on a rocker instead.

  5. Bonus: ask around and you’ll probably find most moms swear by a baby swing for the early weeks and months. This is an item that can be very soothing for your baby and a cozy place to sit when the swing function is turned off. Even a fussy baby is often soothed and calmed by a swing, giving you both a break. Utilize the swing for short amounts of time for baby’s safety. A swing allows you to give your arms a rest and allow baby to be gently rocked.

Thanks for visiting the blog. Stay tuned for more tips for new moms and moms to be!


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