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Hospital Bag Checklist

It’s time! You’ve reached the final weeks of your pregnancy, and now you’re ready to pack for the hospital. Have you created your birth plan yet? If not, be sure to check out our blog as a handy guide:

Experts recommend packing your bag anytime from the 35-38th week, depending on your pregnancy details (ie: if you are a high risk pregnancy or on restriction, pack sooner)

Unsure where to start? No sweat, we’ve got you covered. Before you begin, you may find it helpful to reach out to your hospital and find out what they’ll provide and in what quantities, this can save you money and time when packing your bag.


You want to feel warm and comfortable during your stay at the hospital. Here’s a few things to throw in your bag that will keep you comfy:

Socks (no slip backing) or slippers

  1. Nursing bra

  2. Robe

  3. Comfy clothes for after your post-delivery shower. Remember to choose soft and loose fitting maternity clothes, you’ll still feel swollen and likely experiencing some soreness and discomfort.

  4. Underwear – high waisted and fitted will work best for post delivery. The hospital will give you a mesh pair, but you may feel better in your own choice of undergarment. Plus you may be there several days depending on the type of delivery you have.

  5. Going home outfit for baby, onesies, socks – newborn or preemie sized for these early days

  6. Cozy blanket


  1. Pads (the hospital will provide you with some, as well)

  2. Chapstick

  3. Toothpaste & toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens case and solution 

  4. Nursing Pads

  5. Lanolin (for sore nipples after nursing)

  6. Newborn diapers, wipes and ointment

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Snacks: Hospital food may not be your favorite or may not be available as soon as you like, once you’re cleared to eat. Throw some favorite snacks in your bag that are non perishable, like granola bars, crackers or trail mix. Remember, for your safety, not to eat these snacks when the nurses and doctors have told you not to eat, this can lead to complications during delivery.

  2. Car Seat: This one is so important! Check out our guide here: Need help with installation or confirming you’ve installed correctly? Click here:

  3. Photo ID, insurance info, hospital forms and birth plan

  4. Phone Charger, tablet to watch movies or tv

  5. Overnight supplies for your birthing partner

  6. Your eyeglasses if you wear them

Soft comfy headband or hair ties

Sugar-free hard candy or lozenges to keep your mouth moist during labor

Headphones, a soothing or energizing playlist (or both!)

There you go! With this checklist you’ve got all your bases covered and can feel confident you’ll have what you need throughout your hospital stay. During delivery, the little things can make a big difference, and your comfort is a priority. If there’s something not on this list that you know will make you feel calm, soothed and comfortable, you should definitely add it to your bag![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]


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