Can I Do This?

You might be concerned about an unplanned pregnancy.

  • This isn’t what I planned.
  • I’m afraid my parents will kick me out.
  • I’m not sure about the father.
  • I don’t have money for a baby.
  • I don’t have insurance.

The truth is that most people feel unprepared when they think about being a parent, especially first time moms!

But just think… what if this is your moment? What if this is your moment to stand up and prove to yourself and others that you can be a loving mother?

You are not alone, millions of women continue with their pregnancy and you can too.  An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean that your life is over or ruined.  Things may not be how you planned, you might even have problems with the father, but that doesn’t change who you are. You are a woman, we are strong, and together we can do this.


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